Sean Pertwee Reveals He Was Asked To Appear in Series 9

Whether it’s dressing up as his father for Halloween, paying tribute to him on Instagram or telling fans he’d be honour to take on his most famous role for a future special, Sean Pertwee’s love and admiration for his late father, Jon Pertwee’s legacy is a wonderful way to keep his memory alive.

However, that legacy could have continued with Pertwee’s connection to the show growing even stronger after he revealed he was approached to make a special Doctor Who cameo in the latest series.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Pertwee said:

“I’d love to, I’d love to.

“I’ve been asked before – I was asked actually last season. I couldn’t do it because of Gotham. I’d love to be in some capacity be involved, as an ode to my father and to Roger Delgado, who was my dad’s best friend, who was the Master.

“It’d be an honour to be involved in something like that. You know, it’s a big thing! Doctor Who’s a massive thing in America now, and also they’re looking to the older Doctors, which I think is really kinda cool. They’re looking back as well, not just forward.”

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While it seems moot now, it does make us wonder where this special cameo would have been? Would he have played his father in the scene from The Witch’s Familiar which featured several past Doctors or would he have played an entirely different character just like David and Michael Troughton in Midnight and Last Christmas respectively.

Even if he never gets the chance to make an appearance in his father’s show, Pertwee still gets a kick out of fans reactions to his father’s performance, both young and old:

“Meeting fans of my father at some of these conventions who have had now children who grew up watching my father and now watch me, they go ‘Oh my God!’ like that

“So he’s very much alive, and very much at the forefront of people’s mind again. And to continue his legacy, and to continue his name, I’m proud of.”

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Here, here! So would you love to see Sean Pertwee make an appearance in the show?