Reggie Yates Doesn’t Want To Return to Doctor Who (Not Even as The Doctor)

Reggie Yates, who played Martha Jones’ brother, Leo in Doctor Who Series 3, doesn’t fancy stepping into the TARDIS himself – and it’s pretty unlikely Leo will return too.

Acknowledging that it’s only a matter of time until a black actor plays the Doctor, Reggie sees his future behind the lens:

“I don’t think I’m quite right for the Doctor, if I’m honest… I feel that I’ve been really fortunate to work on so many amazing BBC shows and shows full stop, and Doctor Who is definitely a part of that. But my life in front of camera as an actor I think is either coming to a close or has closed. I write and direct now, and I have done for quite some time. That’s the role I see myself having when it comes to drama moving forward. Me as an actor – I think those days are done now.”

Yates was quite a substantial name when he was cast as Leo Jones, but he wasn’t given a great deal of material. He appeared in Smith and Jones, got hit on the head and uttered a “he must be some guy” in The Lazarus Experiment, and told Martha to shut up in The Sounds of Drums (joking aside, I really like Series 3 in general).

Reggie further told Digital Spy that a black actor will play the Time Lord soon, even if it’s not him:

“The Doctor changes in wonderful and mysterious ways and you never know what Doctor is going to arrive. If ever there was a show that it could happen, it’d be Doctor Who.”

So there we have it: no, Reggie doesn’t want to return to Doctor Who. That’s bad news for any fans of the Jones family.

I was going to make a gag about keeping up with the Joneses, but people would think I’m taking the Mickey. Badum-Tish!