Merlin Actor Alexander Vlahos Wants Guest Star Spot on Doctor Who

Indulging in the voluptuous delights of BBC One’s royal drama Versailles may have given Merlin star Alexander Vlahos a taste for travelling back in time as he stakes a claim on landing a Doctor Who guest spot.

When Doctor Who Online tweeted fans asking what they are most looking forward to in Series 10, Vlahos – who was one of the voice actors for Doctor Who: The Adventure Games: The Gunpowder Plot PC Game  – responded with a very specific wish.

Well he’s nothing if not persistent. When interviewed by the Radio Times about the role of Prince Philippe in Versailles, he said:

“The only time I would ever get to play something similar to this is if I played the Doctor.

“The Doctor can be a kind man, a grumpy man; he can be sweet and generous and intelligent; the cleverest man in the room or the silliest man in the room at any given moment. And [Versailles’] Prince Philippe is complicated. He’s not one thing or another…”

So would you like to see Vlahos make an appearance? Would he make a good Doctor? And, more importantly, bring back Merlin!