#FollowFriday: Dan Starkey

It’s Friday. I think I’ll relax and pop onto Twitter, see what everyone’s thinking, see what plans they have for the weeken– Oh crikey! What’s happening?! Aaargh! Aargh! Cover yer eyes!

Brexit aside, Twitter’s mostly a nice place to be, filled with intelligent, witty folk, and #FollowFriday’s our chance to point Who fans in the direction of people to follow. And as it’s Robert Holmes Week at the DWC, we’re spotlighting…

Dan Starkey! You’ll know Dan principally for playing Strax, the lovable Sontaran who was introduced in 2011’s A Good Man Goes To War. And of course, without Holmes, we wouldn’t have the Sontarans at all: he created the militaristic aliens for 1973/74’s The Time Warrior, and despite not actually appearing that often, they’ve become one of the most popular recurring enemies.

Though everyone associates him with being Strax, Starkey first played a Sontaran in The Sontaran Stratagem/ The Poison Sky (2008), and finally got to show his face in the 2014 festive special, Last Christmas, where he appeared as Ian, one of Father Christmas’ elves.

Aside from the TV show, Dan’s also provided voices for Big Finish on a number of occasions, including in Time Reaver, The Five Companions, Wirrn Isle, Robophobia, and The King of Sontar.

Dan’s Twitter feed is great to look through if you want a smile (which I think the UK in particular needs today!).

His Christmas tweets are always… quite something.

Naturally, there’s a focus on Doctor Who.

And the really lovely thing is seeing how great he is with fans. It’s heart-warming to see, through his retweets especially, the joy he takes in being a part of the show and a part of the fandom.

Follow Dan @StanDarkley.