Out Now: Doctor Who Adventures #16

Featuring the Twelfth Doctors summer vacation in ‘Gay Paree’, a look at some of the creative types the Doctor has brushed shoulders with on his travels through time and space, and a UNIT dress up kit (seriously, there had better be a stick on moustache in that set. Don’t test my love for thee DWA!); the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures has everything a budding young fan needs!

The issue features:

  • Gallery – Rik Hoskin, Russ Leach, and John Burns bring you a cultured tale from Paris in 1909 when the Doctor visits an Art Gallery and finds himself trapped inside a painting!
  • Arts & Culture – DWA takes a look at some of the great artists and writers the Doctor has met on his travels!
  • Twisted Conundrums – Help the Doctor solve a collection of brain-tingling puzzles!
  • Heavy Metal – Can you help the Doctor avoid the clutches of his most feared enemies?
  • Strax and the Time Shark – Strax has a novel way of dealing with mice in the kitchen!
  • The Paternoster Gang Investigates – The Paternoster Gang investigate the Pneuman League in a Victorian tale from James Peaty.

Doctor Who Adventures #16 is available now from all good stockists.