Cover Art Revealed for Bernice Summerfield: The Unbound Universe

This August, Big Finish are doing something a little unusual: revisiting the Unbound Universe with Professor Bernice Summerfield!

The wonderful Lisa Bowerman reprises her role as the daring adventurer in this quirky release which finds Bernice back on the TARDIS… but not with the Seventh Doctor. Or in fact, any Doctor she’s met before: in a parallel universe, David Warner’s alternative Third Doctor comes up against what remains of his world’s greatest threats, including the Kareem, the Blanks, the Sisters of Saint Beedlix – and the Master (Sam Kisgart), still surviving at the end of reality!

Warner starred in Cold War on the television series, but last played the Doctor for Big Finish in 2008’s Masters of War; his incarnation of the Time Lord debuted in 2003’s Sympathy for the Devil, a story that also starred Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, and David Tennant, a few years before he became the Tenth Doctor. Masters of War was the last release for the Unbound range – until now.

Warner is back for The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: Volume 3 – The Unbound Universe! Producer, James Goss says:

“We were trying to work out where we could take Benny next, and the idea just sort of happened. We immediately got very excited about it. David Warner is a legend, and his Doctor is the perfect foil to Lisa Bowerman. Whereas Benny is a famously gung-ho adventuress, he’s a cautious man with a twinkle in his eye. She falls into his universe and gives him a new lease of life.”

And it seems perfect that Bernice should be the one to open that universe back up for us all to enjoy: after all, her stories kicked off Big Finish, and she’s already spanned a few Doctor Who ranges, even bringing the Virgin New Adventures to the audio series for The Shadow of the Scourge. And take a look at the gorgeous cover for the release!

Bernice Summerfield The Unbound Universe

Goss also wrote the first story of the boxset, with further tales included by Guy Adams, Una McCormack, and Emma Reeves.

Guest stars in the box-set include Mark Gatiss (who you can see alongside Bowerman and Warner on the cover), Rowena Cooper, Zeb Soanes, Tom Webster, Alex Jordan, Sophie Wu, Julie Graham, Kerry Gooderson, Deirdre Mullins, George Blagden, Richard Earl, Aaron Neil, Laura Doddington, Lizzie Hopley, Shvorne Marks, and Gus Brown. Director, Scott Handcock says:

“Lisa and David have a brilliant chemistry – it’s a very different Doctor/Companion relationship. Benny really is the adventurer, dragging the Doctor along behind her. When we first meet him, he’s given up all hope – but Benny is determined to, quite literally, save the universe. The guest cast are marvellous – it’s a hoot. Kisgart has never been more sinister.”

Released in August, you ca pre-order The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: Volume 3 – The Unbound Universe now for just £20, and of course all CDs come with a complimentary downloadable copy upon release.