Hot Topic Win Licensing Award for Doctor Who Range

I’ve been misled.

You see, I’ve always assumed that industries like the one responsible for licensing were actually dark cabals of agents – seven-foot-tall be-cloaked figures who lured unsuspecting young executives to their shadowy coves to feast on their bones for the price of putting Peter Capaldi’s face on a lunchbox – but no, it’s just labelled lunchboxes, ergonomic keyboards and blokes called Keith. There’s not even an office terrorhawk.

What a swizz!

But to enliven their working life, the licensing industry usually invites all the Keith’s together in room and calls it the International Licensing Awards where American clothing company Hot Topic won the Licensed Program: Retailer Award for their licensing programme for Doctor Who products, an award they previously won in 2014.

After sacrificing several young executives, the company have produced a number of products within their license based on Doctor Who, including related coats and dresses, jogger bottoms, tee-shirts, and other apparel such as rings and necklaces.

In late December they launched a new limited edition fashion collection of nine items which featured icons from the show, including the TARDIS, sonic screwdriver and Weeping Angels.

The awards were held by the International Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association.