Out Now: Titan Comics Fourth Doctor #4 & Tenth Doctor #2.12

It’s time once again to catch up with our favourite respective Doctors as Titan Comics unleash the next issues of their sequential shenanigans.

Up first, it’s the penultimate chapter of Gaze of the Medusa! Sarah Jane and Professor Odysseus are trapped in the ancient past, while the Fourth Doctor and the Professor’s daughter, Athena, attempt to steal the Lamp of Chronos from Lady Emily Carstairs and her giant Scryclopes! And looming large over both time zones… the ‘MEDUSA’ itself!

And then the Tenth Doctor finds himself propelled into a time when the rules of reality were still new when Anubis returns! The Doctor, Gabby and Cindy are nowhere near ready for what this ancient being is about to throw at them! With the universe fraying at the seams, Anubis propels the TARDIS team on a trip into the deep, deep past… when the laws of reality were still new!

You can purchase both the Fourth Doctor Miniseries #4, written by Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie – with art by Brian Williamson – and The Tenth Doctor #2.12, written by Nick Abadzis – with art by Eleonora Carlini, now from all good stockists and digitally via Comixology.

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