Toby Jones Wants to Return to Doctor Who as the Dream Lord

Series 5 was such a strong run of episodes, full of exceptional guest stars – and one of my favourites is Toby Jones, who played the Dream Lord in Amy’s Choice. Publicising his new BBC1 show, The Secret Agent, Jones said he’d like to return to Doctor Who.

Toby told the Radio Times:

“I think he can return, but then again I think every character I‘ve ever played can return. I’d be very happy to return to most of them. The Dream Lord is especially equipped to return because he doesn’t really exist. It would just need him to upload himself as a bit of software, thereby securing immortality.”

Indeed, we did see the Dream Lord in the TARDIS console at the episode’s conclusion, so we know he’s still reverberating in the Doctor’s head somewhere. Jones worked really well as a reflection of the Doctor’s darker side, and his dialogue revealed quite a bit about the Doctor that he wouldn’t air otherwise; playing the role with a quiet sinister quality, Toby’s character would work well as a semi-recurring presence to echo the insecurities of further incarnations of the Time Lord.

For the adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s 1906 novel, Toby stars as Anton Verloc, the titular Secret Agent, who is drawn into a terrorist plot in Victorian London. Jones enthuses:

“It’s a brilliant story. It explores the ramifications of the situation of the individual to an entire society. But it is remarkably ahead of it’s time as well in the subjects it explores. But I suppose there’s something maybe even reassuring about the cyclical nature of history. I think the way Tony [Marchant, who adapted the book for screen]’s sort of structured it as a thriller, I think he’s brought a whole level of tension that Conrad wasn’t perhaps as interested in.”

The Secret Agent began on BBC1 earlier tonight (episode 1 is on iPlayer), and continues Sundays at 9pm.

I really loved Amy’s Choice, and as a fan of Toby in basically everything he does, I’d love to see him return. But what about you, dear reader…?