#FollowFriday: Jonathan Morris

Why, yes, it is still Friday, thank you for asking. And you’re reading #FollowFriday, our weekly opportunity to celebrate that little-known social media platform called Twitter – and more specifically the folk Doctor Who fans should follow.

And today, it’s writer, Jonathan Morris!

If you’ve experienced Who in any medium apart from television, you should know Morris’ name: he’s certainly prolific, having worked most extensively for Big Finish, but having also written books for the Past Doctors Adventures, Eighth Doctor Adventures, and New Series Adventures ranges (we highlighted his Touched by an Angel in our list of the most essential NSA novels).

He’s also written some brilliant comic strips for Doctor Who Magazine including The Golden Ones, The Child of Time, and The Professor, the Queen, and the Bookshop, as well as short stories for the Short Trips and Doctor Who Storybooks lines.

Okay, so which Big Finish audios did he write? Deep breath, then… Bloodtide, The Haunting of Thomas Brewster, Cobwebs, 1963: The Space Race, The Waters of Amsterdam, Hothouse, Damaged Goods (adapted from the original Russell T. Davies book), The Auntie Matter, The Lost Stories: The Valley of Death, The Companion Chronicles: Ghost in the Mind, Jago & Litefoot: The Theatre of Dreams – oh, and lots and lots more.

Many of his tweets of course reference Doctor Who, typically with his tongue located in his cheek…

As you can see, his tweets are typically very funny, even when addressing the minefield of politics.

And just sometimes, you learn some behind-the-scenes info about his work.

Oh, and something you might not know about Morris: he compiles quite a few of DWM’s Fact of Fiction series!

Did we ever find out how many Nimon there were…?

Follow Jonathan @jonnymorris1973.