The First Sherlock Series 4 Trailer Is Here

Did you miss him? This is exciting. That’s also probably an understatement.

Here’s the very first trailer for Sherlock Series 4.

Watched it? Replayed it? How many times?

This was unexpected to say the least. Judging from Amanda Abbington’s tweet, Sherlock wrapped on 20th July, so it’s now in post-production, meaning a trailer this soon was very unlikely. Presumably, then, much of the footage comes from the first episode in the three-episode season.

And as you can see, we’ve a while to wait: the series will premiere on BBC1 next year, but we’re not really sure when. It was rumoured to begin over the festive period this year, but that could be, say, New Year’s Day 2017. Alternatively, we might not see it until April. I’d say that, too, is very unlikely; a heavy-hitter like Sherlock is often a keystone in winter scheduling because that’s when the audience is at its biggest. Summer’s essentially considered a graveyard for television, despite a run of great dramas being screened right now like The Musketeers, New Blood, and The Secret Agent.

The above trailer gives us a teasing amount of Mycroft, Mary Watson, and Toby Jones’ wonderfully sinister Big Bad.

Okay, so let me indulge in a theory. After His Last Vow, I was convinced that this Moriarty was a computer virus or something. The Abominable Bride went to great efforts to prove that Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is dead. But this is Sherlock. So now, I’m convinced he’s alive. That’s how it works, right? That’s what I’d do.

And maybe I’m seeing things, but at 1:07… That’s Moriarty, isn’t it? By the looks of it, filming took place at Bad Wolf Bay/ Alfafa Metraxi too.

That’s not my favourite bit, though. It’s got to be Mrs Hudson sticking up to Mycroft. Excellent.

As if that’s not thrilling enough already, the San Diego Comic Con also gave us more of Benedict Cumberbatch – this time, in Doctor Strange. I’m sharing that with you here as well because: 1. I’m a massive Marvel fan; and 2. It’s awesome.

We are in for a very exciting few months…