Are The Weeping Angels in Doctor Who Spin-Off, Class?

Fady Elsayed is gaining quite a following on Twitter – including the Doctor’s new companion, Pearl Mackie! – most of who are naturally excited about the upcoming Doctor Who spin-off he’s starring in, Class… but might one of his tweets hint towards a returning foe?

Okay, so a photo of a Weeping Angel is a bit more than just a hint. Here’s that suspect tweet:

If the lonely assassins do indeed crop up, that’d be a huge turn up for the books and certainly anchor a larger audience than before; while we’re looking forward to Class, cementing it in the Whoniverse by using a recurring enemy of the Doctor’s would be a really smart move. It’s like when the Doctors (Tenth and Eleventh) turned up in The Sarah Jane Adventures – there’s an added interest from parties who might not otherwise watch a spin-off.

(If the TARDIS materialised amid Class, that would be pretty awesome too…)

Plus, Class is supposed to be a Young Adult” drama and the Angels are some of the most recognisable and much-loved monsters of recent years: certainly kids will say they like – and probably are scared of – them.

But I don’t think we should get our hopes up. Both Class and Doctor Who are filming at the moment and both share the same props department. Fady could’ve just wandered in, spotted an Angel, and decided a selfie was in order. You’d do the same, and don’t try to convince me otherwise. This does look like an older Angel, probably the one owned by Mr Grayle in The Angels Take Manhattan (2012). That Weeping Angel was played by the gorgeous Sarah Louise Madison and her online CV doesn’t list Class yet- not that that rules anything out.

Mind you, that prop was in the Doctor Who Experience, so anyone who’s popped over to Cardiff today, let us know whether it’s still there. And if not, what’s it doing back at Roath Lock…?

Well, it’s no use speculating. Because that which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel. Oops. Sorry folks.