Ralf Little ‘Denies’ Involvement in New Doctor Who Series

Ralf Little has denied that he’s appearing in the new series of Doctor Who…right up to the point where he didn’t.

Pulling our collective leg, the Royle Family star – whose involvement had been teased when an eagle-eyed fan spotted a cast photo during a set visit in Cardiff –  appeared in a short video on Twitter, where he categorically denies he’ll be appearing in the show alongside Peter Capaldi, right up to the point where he steps aboard the TARDIS.

Maintaining deadpan sincerity, Little then strolls around the TARDIS proclaiming that he has ‘never visited the set’ before saying that his own chameleon circuit might be broken.

He then finally announces that:

“Doctor Who, nothing to do with me…I can say, categorically, the rumours are not true!”

So there you have it, Ralf Little will not appear in this series of Doctor Who until he does. I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.