Out Now: Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Blame Game

The Monk has returned! And he has an offer the Doctor can’t refuse. Rufus Hound is on hand to bring to life the latest Doctor Who-Short Trips tale, The Blame Game, available now from Big Finish.

To escape his Earth exile, the Doctor is prepared to make any bargain, come to any arrangement, or to do any deal with any devil – even if in this case the Devil wears a monk’s robes. But when past misdeeds start catching up with both the Doctor and the Monk, who can Liz Shaw trust when time is running out and death is rapidly approaching?

Written by range producer Ian Atkins and performed by Rufus Hound, Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Blame Game is an irresistible new story set early in the Third Doctor’s exile, which sees Big Finish’s latest incarnation of the Monk meeting his trapped fellow Time Lord. But is this more than just some prison visit?

Download Doctor Who – Short Trips: The Blame Game, the Big Finish site exclusive story today for just £2.99.