#FollowFriday: Fady Elsayed

The wheel turns, societies fall and rise up again, day is dwarfed by night and then the sun beckons once more, and the endless cascade of time ebbs on. That’s my way of saying it’s Friday again, and that means: #FollowFriday. “What’s #FollowFriday?” I hear you ask, your voice trembling. Basically, it’s when the DWC points to Doctor Who folk on Twitter and demands you follow them.

In essence: “You’ll like this person on Twitter.” Yep, that.

And as we covered one of his tweets earlier this week, today’s #FF goes to Fady Elsayed!

With 2016 being largely sans Doctor Who, we need to rely on the upcoming spin-off, Class to get our fix of time and space, and quite a few of the cast are on Twitter, I’m singling Fady out right now because he’s: 1. very good with fans; and 2. very good at teasing us. This is the tweet that made headlines earlier this week:

It prompted a lot of talk about the possibility of Who monsters popping up in Class – before he dashed out dreams of, uhm, not blinking…

… Oh.

Ah well. Fady’s first major role was in the film, My Brother the Devil back in 2012, but he quickly went on to star in big BBC TV shows like Casualty, Silent Witness, and River (with Big Finish’s Nicola Walker, aka the Eighth Doctor’s companion, Liv Chenka). Written by Patrick Ness (A Monster Calls; The Crane Wife), Class was announced in October 2015, and he was soon revealed as a main cast member alongside Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins, Vivian Oparah, and Katherine Kelly.

The spin-off will consist of eight episodes to be shown on the online-only BBC Three before a further transmission on BBC1 and BBC America. It began filming in April, and progress is pretty swift!

Then there was the day he was followed by the Doctor’s new companion, Pearl Mackie.

Yep, he seems chuffed to be part of the Whoniverse.

He’s also starring in the final film in the Kidulthood series, Brotherhood, starring Mickey the Idiot himself, Noel Clarke!

Okay, so apart from being a lovely guy –

– what else do you need to know about Fady? Hmm. Oh yeah. He has a really cute cat!

Follow Fady @iFadyElsayed.