Series 10 Block One Finished Filming – But No, Weng Chiang’s Deep Roy Isn’t Starring

Block One of Doctor Who Series 10 is in the can (meaning it’s filmed and now has to go in for months of post-production), and a possible guest star was seen hanging around with Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, and Matt Lucas.

You’ll know Deep Roy for playing the wonderful Mr. Sin, the Peking Homunculus, in The Talons of Weng Chiang (1977) – though he also had an appearance in The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp – and fans watching filming in Valencia, Spain, thought they spotted him playing a robot in the second episode of Series 10. It would’ve been pretty cool having him return, but it seems an odd role to invite him back for. But it’s very probably not.

Instead, it seems to be Kiran Shah (Game of Throne; Star Wars: The Force Awakens), who was apparently also spotted in Cardiff Bay earlier this month. Yes, Shah has been in Doctor Who before, but you likely wouldn’t recognise him from that appearance, as he was credited only as “Figure” in 2014’s Listen.

Block One consists of Series 10 episode 1 (written by Steven Moffat) and 2 (written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce), and the focus turned on the latter for shooting in Spain’s City of Arts and Sciences, including the Hemisfèric, the largest hall in the country; and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, the cultural centre of Valencia. The production team was particularly impressed by “the incredible diversity of locations within a single enclosure, which [makes] it unique.” Supporting artists were apparently seen wandering around the city with emoji stickers on their upper backs, which reminds me of the happy-happy drugs of Gridlock (2007).

Ralf Little (The Cafe) and Mina Anwar (The Sarah Jane Adventures; The Thin Blue Line) are both set to star in the second episode of the series too, directed by Lawrence Gough.

We expect the team to carry on next week with Block Two, which consists of stories by Sarah Dollard (Face the Raven) and Mike Bartlett (Doctor Foster). Capaldi and Mackie were seen at Gatwick airport earlier this afternoon.

Doctor Who Series 10 is set to air next year, which sounds like ages away, and that’s because it totally is.