Is Jenna Coleman Returning to Doctor Who Soon?

Jenna Coleman has only just left her role as Clara Oswald, and she’s already been asked if she’ll return! Yep, as she’s setting off in a new big role – that of a young Queen Victoria in ITV’s upcoming costume drama about the Monarch – she’s had to respond to rumours about the last big show she left.

To be fair, those rumours were basically started by Peter Capaldi, aka the Twelfth Doctor, who teased that we’d not seen the last of Ms Oswald…

Coleman seemed surprised by his comments, and said:

“We had the exit in the works for so long. Who knows, in the future. But I think, at least for a good while, Clara is probably broken down somewhere in time and space, trying to understand how to work a TARDIS with Ashildr/Maisie [Williams]. You don’t want to unpick it, in any way. Steven [Moffat, showrunner] spoke about the exit for so long, and I think he did such a great job. From Face the Raven to the finale [Hell Bent] of twists and turns, I couldn’t really ask for anything more. It’s been an incredible three series. That was that unique time in my life, and that was amazing.”

Nice to hear she had such a great time on Doctor Who, but hardly surprising: she’s really embraced the show and its fans, and stayed for longer than expected (she left, for a bit, in Death in Heaven, returned the following episode, then was killed off in Face the Raven before being brought back for Hell Bent – and even did a cameo in Heaven Sent).

While I didn’t like her exit from the show, I think Clara was a wonderful companion (especially in Series 7 and 9), and her friendship with Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi shines through in her performance. She goes on:

“Every two weeks [on Doctor Who were] so, so different, and you’re playing that story with an over-arching character. It really is the relationships with Matt and Peter that made that job everything that is it, and what they taught me as actors. They’re so uniquely wonderful. They’re really amazing friends.”

Victoria, an 8-part drama expected to continue into her later life for further series, is expected to screen on ITV and PBS later this year – feels like an autumn show to me.