Rubbertoe Replicas Sale Ends This Monday!

Rubbertoe Replicas’ Summer Sale ends this Monday, so be fast if you want to take advantage of some excellent bargains.

Most notably, the Eleventh Doctor’s shark-eaten sonic screwdriver from the 2010 festive special, A Christmas Carol has 30% off, bringing it down from nearly £300, to just over £200. Rubbertoe’s founder, Nick Robatto, really got to smash up the original prop for the episode, even using a Dremel drill, grinder, and axe, and this replica comes with working LED and fibre optics, the latter removable because it wasn’t used in the actual story.

Hand-made in Wales, there are only 50 copies being produced.

The neural block used in Hell Bent (2015) to wipe the Twelfth Doctor’s memory also has 30% off, bringing it down to £38.46 (plus postage), while £35.96 will get you a beautiful “Timey Wimey Time Piece” – that’s a clock to you and me, this silver-effect one inscribed with Gallifreyan markings inspired by those on the current TARDIS’ time rotor.

Alternatively, if your budget is a little tighter than that, a set of Gallifreyan coasters cost £25.99, similarly 30% off their original price, each one inscribed with a design found at the top of that same TARDIS time rotor, and made in the same workshop as that console was partly made in, ready for its debut in 2012’s The Snowmen.

Head over to Rubbertoe Replicas to see their full range of officially-licensed products – but remember: you only have until Monday 15th August before the Summer Sale ends…