Cover and Extras Revealed for The TV Movie Blu-ray!

This is an unexpected treat: you might’ve heard that 1996’s The TV Movie, which introduced Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor to the universe, is getting a lovely Blu-ray release, and the stunning cover and special features have now been confirmed.

For anyone who missed the very special 50th anniversary boxsets from a few years ago (collecting The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor, An Adventure in Space and TimeThe Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot, and loads more), this Blu-ray rather pleasingly includes The Night of the Doctor, the awesome short that saw a brief return for McGann’s Doctor as he boarded a ship on a collision course with Karn.

Unfortunately, that’s the only extra that hasn’t simply been ported from its Revisitations DVD re-release in 2010 to this new Blu-ray. And unlike the glorious Spearhead from Space Blu-ray, this is just an upscaled version of The TV Movie – that’s an inference of pixels, which should give you a slightly better picture, but it’s not the same quality as full HD.

Here are the special features included:

Disk One

The Night of the Doctor: A mini-episode released in 2013 in the run-up to the show’s 50th-anniversaryy special. This marks Paul McGann’s second on-screen appearance as the Eighth Doctor.

The Seven Year Hitch: Documenting the return Doctor Who to the screen. Narrated by Amanda Drew.

The Doctor’s Strange Love: Writers Joe Lidster and Simon Guerrier discuss The TV Movie with comedian Josie Long.

Commentary #1: From director Geoffrey Sax (recorded 2001)

Commentary #2: By Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy, moderated by Nicholas Briggs (recorded 2009)

Isolated Score: The option to view The TV Movie with the isolated music soundtrack.

Music Tracks: Four tracks from the production presented in full: In a Dream, All Dressed Up, Ride into the Moonlight, and Auld Lang Syne.

Photo Gallery

Production Subtitles

Disc Two

Behind the Scenes: On set and on location in Vancouver, Canada during the filming of The TV Movie.

The Wilderness Years: In the years between the end of the classic series and the broadcast of The TV Movie, Doctor Who survived in print, video and audio, kept alive by fans who were determined not to let it die.

Tomorrow’s Times – The Eight Doctor: A look back at the contemporary coverage of The TV Movie in newspapers and other publications. Presented by Nicholas Courtney.

Philip Segal’s Tour of the TARDIS

Paul McGann Audition

Who Peter 1989-2009: The second part of this documentary, exploring the special relationship between Doctor Who and Blue Peter. Presented by Gethin Jones

Stripped for Action – The Eighth Doctor: Looking at the Doctor’s adventures in comic-strip form.

Electric Press Kit: Used by Fox in 1996, this includes a short documentary and interview segments to allow other broadcasters to put together their own packages about the TV Movie.

VFX Tests, June 1994: Early video effects tests by Amblin Imaging in 1994, featuring the ‘Spider Dalek’ design.

VFX, March 1996: Video effects presented as mute time-coded ‘work in progress’ shots from the CGI department.

Alternate Takes

BBC Trails

It’s a little disappointing, but it’s still a great package, ideal for fans of the Eight Doctor (and that should be everyone, right?).

But let’s focus on that cover for a bit, because it’s spectacular, isn’t it? It’s by Lee Binding, who’s been a regular DVD cover artist, his titles including Survival, Day of the Daleks, and Planet of Evil. Here it is in full.

TV Movie 8th Eighth Paul McGann Blu-ray Lee Binding

And a bit of behind-the-scenes information, from the wonderful @doctorwhocovers (who you should totally follow!).

Exceptional work, as ever!

Due for released on 19th September, you can pre-order The TV Movie on Blu-ray now, but I do wonder whether Zavvi will give us a steelbook in time…