Big Finish’s Tenth Doctor Pre-Order Price Deal Ending Soon!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to grab yourself Big Finish’s critically acclaimed, limited edition set of Doctor Who – The Tenth Doctor Adventures as it will go up in price at the end of the month.

The beautiful, Limited Edition Box Set, which comprises of all three acclaimed adventure, which saw David Tennant and Catherine Tate return to the TARDIS, also includes exclusive artwork, photography, articles, a one-hour documentary featuring interviews with the stars and production team – alongside a bonus documentary examining the worlds of Doctor Who at Big Finish.

Breaking down each of the three episode into single reviews, our own Mez Burditt described Technophobia, which was written by Matt Fitton and saw the DoctorDonna come face to face with an IT problem you can’t fix by turning your device off and on, as:

“The bulk of the story however, is incredibly fun, with a still-sparkling back and forth between the Doctor and Donna and a great mix of both action and drama. The second the Tenth Doctor swaggers back into existence is a wonderful thing indeed and writer, Matt Fitton characterises this Doctor extremely well, with passion and care.”

While my mortal enemy and DWC co-founder Philip Bates praised Jenny T. Colgan’s Time Reaver, a sort of prequel to her own Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble novel, In The Blood, for taking the pair into uncharted territory:

“David Tennant and Catherine Tate are clearly having fun returning to the roles they’re most famous for, but it’s not all laughs. They’re compassionate and angry and scared. Time Reaver pushes the Doctor in an unexpected way towards the conclusion, while Donna remains her wonderful self: caring, thoughtful, and ready to stand up and make her mark.”

Time Reaver

And finally, for the third part of their glorious return, James Goss’ Death and the Queen, our own Katie Gribble admired the episode for shining a light on the darker side of time travel:

“Overall, the story itself is engaging and keeps the listener guessing about the villain and ultimately what it could possibly gain from the marriage of Prince Rudolph and our Donna. It brings the trilogy of the Tenth Doctor Adventures to a close and sends our intrepid time travellers back out into the universe shaken and reminded of the effects of their actions during their time in Goritania.”

The Limited Edition CD set has been at its pre-order price of £30 since the May release. From September 1st this will be going up to £40 for the luxurious five-disc book set with exclusive photography, so order now to grab yourself a bargain.