Is Power of the Daleks Being Animated for a DVD Release?

The Internet is alight with speculation that Power of the Daleks, Patrick Troughton’s first full serial as the Second Doctor which is sadly missing from the archives, is being animated, ready for release on DVD. And that speculation isn’t unfounded.

A simply beautiful 2 minutes 32 second clip has surfaced online, doing the rounds on social media and thankfully being uploaded to YouTube courtesy of dedicated colourist (not involved in the potential project itself), FarFromBeingAllOver. What are you waiting for? Here it is!

UPDATE: The original video was taken down, but Diary of a Whovian very kindly re-uploaded it… before BBC Worldwide took it down. We’ve had no further updates from the BBC, I’m afraid.

This is immensely exciting.

But to bring you back down to Earth, nothing’s been announced at the time of writing. This could be an official BBC project. Equally, this could be a fan project. But if it is the latter, it’s really, really well done. Seriously impressive. A great deal of time and money has gone into this.

You’ll also note that this animation features a great Dalek force, not a few proper ones then a series of toys and cardboard cut-outs. If the full six-episode serial is animated like so, it would be an incredible feat. It’s a tad odd too –  it was previously thought that it wouldn’t be worth the BBC animating further missing episodes. The shoddy jobs on Galaxy 4 and The Underwater Menace are testament to that. So what’s changed – if, indeed, anything has? Is this the corporation testing  the water?

And I know Power of the Daleks is a biggie, but why animate this, but leave The Crusade, a four-part First Doctor adventure with only (“only”) two of its episodes missing, unanimated?

Furthermore, the trailer above only includes animation from surviving clips… Why? Is new footage a treat too far for now? Or has a fan done this, one who only has access to those clips and little extra reference material?

Nonetheless, this is exciting. Really blummin’ exciting. I bet you’ve played that clip a few times already. I know I have. But let’s not get our hopes up just yet.

… You’ve already gotten your hopes up, haven’t you?

News – of course – if and when we get it.