5 Ways You Can Listen to the PodKast with a K

Hi. You may or may not remember me. Some years ago I launched a website, known to many of you as “The K”, and within it, a couple of years down the line, introduce a podcast, which – despite moving on from the site – continues to this day. (Indeed, I’ve just finished speaking to the Doctor Who: Legacy team for the latest show.)

With Brian A Terranova and James McLean, I – Christian Cawley, in case you wondered – host Doctor Who: The PodKast with a K.

If you’re already aware of this – you might be our sole listener, enjoying the show many hundreds, if not thousands of times each week – then feel free to skip to the next delicious morsel on The Doctor Who Companion.

However, if all of this is like a bolt from the blue, we encourage you to find out more. Prepare yourself for an amazing FIVE ways in which you can get your weekly dose of Doctor Who podcast discussion and befuddlement…


1. The Website

Want to listen to the PodKast with a K right now? May I introduce you sir, madam, indeterminate, to BeyondKasterborous.com?

Yes, you read that right.

Here, you’ll find all of our podKasts (from 2007 to date) and videos on various topics — more to come soon — related to Doctor Who, and well, beyond.

You see what we did there. I’m glad we’re on the same wavelength.

What we’re particularly pleased about is the level of presentation on BeyondKasterborous.com. Videos and podKasts can be played on the front page of the site, if so desired, and everything is presented with such slickness that we get thrills down our spines whenever we visit.


2. iTunes

You’ll naturally also find the PodKast with a K — and other podKasts from BeyondKasterborous.com — at iTunes, the number one stop for podcasts on the web.

We’d be daft not to, right?

As soon as a podKast is published (our primary avenue is Audioboom, below) it is updated on iTunes, which means if you subscribe to us you’ll get to hear the podKast as soon as it downloads to your device.

That’s the beauty of iTunes!

3. Audioboom

Our friends at Audioboom (previously Audioboo) have been supporting the podKast for several years now, and their hosting system enables us to reach a vast number of listeners.

On top of the website, where we have a dedicated page listing under Entertainment/TV & Film, which displays most of our podKasts, you can also listen via the Audioboom mobile app.

Without Audioboom, we’d probably have abandoned the podKast long ago – such a great service!

4. Stitcher.com

Elsewhere in cyberland, our podKast is available on Stitcher.com.

This is one of those services that you have either heard of, or you haven’t. Released initially to stream online programming to drivers, Stitcher.com has grown beyond this initial service and is now a general podcast provider. Happily, like everywhere else we go, there’s a nice review on Stitcher.com to encourage listeners, and hey, you can listen to it in your car!

5. PlayerFM

More recently, the PodKast with a K has been provided to listeners via the popular podcasting app, PlayerFM. If this is your podcast manager of choice (it is mine, you’ll no doubt be *fascinated* to know) then I heartily recommend that you subscribe to the PodKast with a K — and if you are so willing, our BeyondKasterborous content.

Yeah… So What *IS* BeyondKasterborous, Mr Cawley?

Funny you should ask, as I was just about to tell you.

BeyondKasterborous is, essentially, the podKast team doing stuff that isn’t Doctor Who. Right now, we have plans for videos and non-Who podcasts, with the K, on popular topics such as Star Wars (our third) and… well, that would be telling. (It might be Star Trek. It might not be. Okay, it is).

One of the things we noticed after leaving our old parent website beyond was that our listener just seems to LOVE listening to us ramble on about pretty much anything. He or she displays this love by listening over, and over, and over again, sometimes several thousand times *in a single week*!

So we thought to ourselves, what can we do to make it even more enjoyable for the listener, and perhaps even add one or two other regular subscribers? The answer, of course, was BeyondKasterborous.com, which as a name, we’re delighted with.

We’re Still Out There, Going BeyondKasterborous!

So yeah: I’m still here, doing Doctor Who stuff; Brian A. Terranova is still at it, playing with his props and driving audio daggers into the heart of the showrunner; James McLean continues to be baffled with Troughtonesque charm. We might not be totally convinced by the show’s current direction, but hey, there’s other stuff to talk about, and Vworp Vworp! co-creator Gareth Kavanagh might just make a surprise appearance when you least expect it.

If you have a free 30 minutes or so, drop by and see what we’re up to…