Big Finish: More Details About Adric’s Return to the Main Range

As revealed in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine, Adric is back with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa for three more Big Finish main range Doctor Who adventures!

Taking the TARDIS back to 1982 for the first time since last year’s Scribe award-winning Doctor Who – The Fifth Doctor Boxed Set, it seems like a happy return for Matthew Waterhouse.

He said:

“I took a long time to get around to the idea of doing the audios – and now I just absolutely love it, I think the character’s beautifully written. Everything we’re doing at Big Finish is stuff that’s already in the character, in the stories, they’re just being extended a bit. Having said I don’t want to do them, now I think “when’s next week’s one going to arrive?”. This is proper Doctor Who, they’re really carefully written, they’re witty and funny, they’re highly inventive.”

Speaking of the three stories that go together to make up the new batch of audio adventures, script editor Alan Bates said:

“It’s been great to at last bring Adric into the monthly range – well, before his tragic death, at least! Andrew Smith wrote the character’s introductory story on TV, so I was determined to get Andrew to write his re-introduction. Andrew’s The Star Men, full of far-out cosmic science, is the first story of the trilogy, in which an astronomical base at the fringes of Earth’s galaxy finds itself on the frontline of a war with an unimaginably alien force…”

The Star Men is an adventure that Waterhouse says brings out Adric’s heroic side and even gives him some genuine character work behind it’s great concept – plus, it seems he’s also got a female admirer in the form of Autumn – a fellow brainybox – played by Sophie Wu.

Bates adds:

“Phil Mulryne’s The Contingency Club comes next, in which the TARDIS lands inside the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in all of Victorian London – a club where all the waiters are identical clones!”

The Contingency Club features Philip Jackson (Inspector Japp in ITV’s Poirot series) and Clive Merrison, who Doctor Who fans will recognise as not only Jim Callum in Tomb of the Cybermen, but also the Deputy Caretaker in Paradise Towers.

And finally there’s Zaltys, Bates said:

“Finally, Matthew J Elliott’s Zaltys brings the TARDIS to a world just hours from catastrophe, while Tegan is stranded in space… where she comes face to face with a very particular sort of horror – one she thought existed only in nightmares.”

The cast for Zaltys includes Rebecca Root (Boy Meets Girl), Niamh Cusack (Heartbeat), Philip Franks (The Darling Buds of May) and Carol Sloman – daughter of Doctor Who writer Robert Sloman!