#FollowFriday: Ian Wells, Doctor Who Cartoonist

It’s Friday, it’s five to five – oh, no, wait, it’s not Crackerjack. But it is Friday and that means #FollowFriday, our weekly column advising anyone on Twitter to follow certain Doctor Who-related accounts.

This week, it’s Ian DW Cartoons, a dedicated fan and talented artist whose real name is Ian Wells.

Fandom’s a wonderful thing, and Ian’s feed is a prime example of how fans can get so immersed in the show and go that extra mile. Ian’s work is very much like the political cartoons you’ll find in broadsheets, mixing wit, terrible puns, and a solid grasp of the subject matter, representing the feel of a particular serial, for instance, in one image.

So if you want a jovial take on Who, Ian’s your man!

That includes, most recently, daily sketches (with brief intervals) charting every Classic Who tale.

While his feed is largely taken up with cartoons, he also demonstrates a great knack for realism too.

And of course there’s plenty more for Doctor Who aficionados to indulge in…

Follow Ian @iancartoons.