Out Now: Big Finish’s Short Trips – Damascus

The Third Doctor gets some unexpected, stately help in the latest Short Trip adventure from Big Finish.

Written by Jonathan Barnes and read by the voice of the Third Doctor, Tim Treloar – who has been doing a sterling job capturing the magic of the Third Doctor in the Big Finish’s Third Doctor AdventuresDamascus takes the listener back to the decade in English history which seemed to attract the greatest quantity of alien invasions per annum.

It’s the 1970s and it’s not the easiest time in which to steer the great British ship of state. The Prime Minister, nonetheless, is doing the very best job he can. Still, at least he has UNIT to rely on – their eccentric, bouffant-haired scientific adviser in particular. Or does he?

Doctor Who – Damascus can be bought for £2.99, or as part of the 2016 Doctor Who – Short Trips Subscription collecting all twelve titles for the bargain price of £30.

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