#FollowFriday: Tom MacRae

This day comes but once a week. It’s Friday, ladies and gentlemen, and that means it’s #FollowFriday. That’s when we turn to Twitter and instruct you, with great gusto and a little bit of asking nicely, to follow some Doctor Who-related guys and gals.

Today’s recommendation is the brilliant Tom MacRae!

Tom’s first Doctor Who work reintroduced the Cybermen in 2006’s Rise of the Cybermen/ The Age of Steel, but he didn’t return to the show until 2011. Fortunately, it was worth the wait, as he gave us the sublime The Girl Who Waited, which saw Amy Pond wait and wait and wait for her Last Centurion and her Raggedy Man to return to Apalapachia. He did, however, write Century House, a paranormal comedy that ultimately didn’t get made because showrunner, Russell T. Davies felt its tone was too similar to The Unicorn and the Wasp. Maybe we’ll see it someday…

MacRae also wrote the live event, The Crash of the Elysium, as well as two short stories – Once Upon A Time, and Cats and Dogs – for the Doctor Who Storybook line. And if you follow Tom on Twitter, you should definitely expect lots of photos of cats. It’s the Internet.

Just occasionally, you wonder whether this is Tom’s Twitter feed or that of Mrs. Slocombe.

Still, there’s plenty of tweets and retweets for Doctor Who fans.

You also get a good number of great photos…

… and soul-searching questions to occupy your mind.

Tom’s a fantastic writer, whose credits also include Threesome (a comedy, not a dodgy film), Agatha Christie’s Marple, and Fungus the Bogeyman.

We’d love to see him return to Doctor Who soon, pretty please?

Follow Tom @tommacwriter.