DWM Confirms 2016 Christmas Special Details

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine – which features a 50th anniversary look at the cybermen –  confirms two new pieces of information regarding the Christmas Special.

Their first Christmas treat, the 60-minute special, which is written by Steven Moffat, will be directed by The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived helmer Edward Bazalgette.

Both episodes demonstrated various strings to Bazalgette’s bow, and it’s interesting to speculate that we might be getting a darker, perhaps more contained episode based on the excellent character work in these episodes.


The second of DWM’s treats is, well, it might not be a treat to some, but it has confirmed that Nardole will return for the Christmas special.

Played by Matt Lucas, the character first appeared in The Husbands of River Song, so it could be a spiritual sequel to that episode or even a direct follow up. There’s no word whether not Nardole will be the companion but it’s safe to assume that he will.

Recently, Mark Gatiss let slip that the Christmas Special is ‘one of Steve’s best ever scripts, absolutely beautiful,’ and that it had made him cry.

So a weepy, joyous Christmas episode that features a broad comedic performance directed by someone who is adept at character pieces? Hmm, it’s an intriguing combination. Let’s hope all those disparate tones come wrapped up neatly in a Christmas bow.