#FollowFriday: Daphne Ashbrook

Is it just me or has this week flown by? It’s Friday already, and that’s a regular chance – weekly, in fact – to highlight the Doctor Who folk on Twitter that all dedicated fans should follow. And as it’s Eighth Doctor Week here at the DWC, today’s #FollowFriday is…

Daphne Ashbrook!

Millions fell in love with Daphne when she appeared in the 1996 TV Movie as Dr. Grace Holloway, and were were sad to see her turn down a place in the TARDIS – still, Grace returned in Doctor Who Magazine‘s comic, and Ashbrook’s returned to the Whoniverse for Big Finish – as Perfection in 2004’s The Next Life, then, alongside Yee Jee Tso, as UNIT Captain Ruth Matheson in The Companion Chronicles: Tales from the Vault (2011), Mastermind (2013), and The Worlds of Big Finish: The Screaming Skull (2014).

Aside from Doctor Who, Daphne has appeared in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The O.C., NCIS, JAG, and, most prolifically, Hollywood Heights.

She recorded a CD, Grace Notes in 2010 and has since performed many songs at conventions; then in 2012, she released her memoir, Dead Woman Laughing (An actor’s take from both sides of the camera) – a name suggested by Paul McGann. She recalls having been choked to death by the Master, but not being able to stop giggling:

“I just can’t stop laughing. In the midst of the ‘uncontrollables,’ I manage to blurt out, “Dead woman laughing.” And Paul McGann says, “That’s the title of your book.” Thanks, Paul.”

Daphne’s a regular at conventions, both in the USA and UK, so expect plenty of tweets (and retweets) about her at events:

What’s really nice is how much she interacts with her fans.

You can also hear about her other work, including indie film, Once More, With Feeling:

Follow Daphne @DaphneAshbrook.