Official Sherlock Convention in London This Weekend!

The second official Sherlocked convention is taking place this weekend at the ExCel, London.

With some tickets apparently still available, the event began yesterday and continues today and tomorrow (Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th September 2016) and boasts an impressive line-up of guests. The Daily Mail might’ve got its knickers in a twist because Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t appearing at this year’s Sherlocked… but just days after their tizzy, Cumberbatch was indeed announced as a lead guest, alongside co-creator (and Mycroft Holmes), Mark Gatiss.

Steven Moffat, showrunner of Doctor Who and co-creator of Sherlock, will also be there, alongside producer, Sue Vertue, and their son, Louis Moffat, who played a young Sherlock in His Last Vow. Joining them is the legendary Beryl Vertue, Sherlock‘s executive producer and Sue’s mother.

Wanda Ventham (Image of the Fendahl) and Timothy Carlton are also at the convention – they played the Holmes’ brothers’ parents… and they’re also Benedict’s parents! Una Stubbs, Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbington, Rupert Graves, Louise Brealey, and Yasmin Akram add to the line-up, meaning the only major cast member not in attendance is Martin Freeman! Then there are also guest stars, Danny Webb, Phil Davies, and Alistair Petrie, as well as crew members, Arwel Jones (production designer), Michael Price and David Arnold (composers), Sarah Arthur (costume designer), and Claire Pritchard-Jones (hair and make-up). Not all guests are attending each day, however.

If that’s not exciting enough, today’s visitors will also get the chance to fuss Redbeard, the gorgeous Red Setter from His Last Vow.

Still, it’s quite an exceptional guest list!

There are also several exhibitors there, including Lovarzi, with their impressive display of Sherlock scarves and umbrellas – with up to 60% off some items!

There’s also an auction taking place on the main stage at 3.30pm on Saturday and 2.25pm on Sunday, with original props like the squash ball used by Sherlock in The Reichenbach Fall, the London A-Z that helped Holmes decrypt messages in The Blind Banker, and a Baker Street sign used throughout the first three series.

Are you attending Sherlocked? Let us know how the weekend goes – or indeed if you’re not going and are just jealous of those meeting Benedict and co.! – in the comments below.