Out Now: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents – The Genesis Chamber

As the darker nights roll in, it’s a lovely comfort to grab your headphones, get transported back to 1977, and spend some time with old friends. With their latest Fourth Doctor release, Big Finish deliver just that.

Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Genesis Chamber stars Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as the Doctor and Leela respectively, and Producer, David Richardson said:

“Louise Jameson told me that The Genesis Chamber is one of the best scripts she’s read at Big Finish. I agree with her – it’s a huge Doctor Who story, and yet with so many lovely, delicate scenes too. I loved listening to it during recording, and I’ve no doubt the final edits will be astonishing.”

The Genesis Chamber, written by Philip Hinchcliffe and adapted by Marc Platt (Ghost Light), is the second volume to come from the mind of the legendary Classic era producer, the previous one – collecting The Ghosts of Gralstead and The Devil’s Armada – having been released in September 2014.

Here’s the synopsis for the new CD:

The TARDIS has landed on a human colony world. In the city, where the inhabitants rely on advanced technology to create their children, a marriage is due to take place. But not everyone supports it, and a crash might just prevent it for good.

In the commune outside live the savages, shunned and detested by the city folk. But they have recently been visited by a man, charismatic and handsome, who may yet be their saviour – or their doom.

Two different sides, ready for conflict. But neither realises that a third force threatens their very existence…

Directed by Ken Bentley, The Genesis Chamber guest stars Jon Culshaw as DeRosa Janz, Hannah Genesius as Ana Janze, Jemma Churchill as Farla Janz/Inscape, Dan Li as Grillo Clavik, Vernon Dobtcheff as Jorenzo Zorn, Arthur Hughes as Shown, Gyuri Sarossy as Volor, and Elliot Chapman as Dack/Loyyo.

A third Philip Hinchcliffe Presents release is expected next year.

Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Genesis Chamber is out now exclusively from Big Finish, £25 on CD or £20 as a download. The price will rise after it goes on general release at the end of October.