#FollowFriday: BBC Store

Take a look at a calendar, or, as the kool kids do these days, your smartphone and you’ll soon discover that today is Friday. I know. We’re all excited. But settle down a minute. Because every Friday, we turn our attention to Twitter for #FollowFriday, when we advise you – yes, you, as long as you partake in that form of social media – to follow Doctor Who-related accounts.

Today, it’s the turn of… The BBC Store.

The download service was launched in November 2015, and those of you who can do mathematics might be able to work out that it’s almost a year ago. It’s a vast library of quality drama, comedy, and documentaries, making up more than 6,000 hours of recent shows and 4,000 hours of archive content, with more being added all the time. It means consumers in the UK can download individual episodes or whole series with ease.

Their Twitter feed obviously exists to promote content, but that does include lots of wonderful stuff about something we’re very excited about: the animation of The Power of the Daleks, which is coming to the BBC Store (and later to DVD) next month…

Of course, if you do follow the BBC Store, you should prepare for some serious emoji usage. Terrifying.

Less terrifying (and indeed, something we approve of) is a good amount of Mark Gatiss.

You also get to learn more about series starring further Doctor Who stars, and see the latest offers for great BBC content.

Follow @BBCStore.