Is Jamie Mathieson Writing for Doctor Who Series 10?

We’ve been promised some new writers for Doctor Who Series 10 – the first being Mike Bartlett (Doctor Foster) – but of course, we’ve got returning writers too. And it looks like Jamie Mathieson will be one of them.

This speculation is far from unfounded because Matt Lucas, who plays companion, Nardole in the upcoming run of stories, sent a tweet to the screenwriter simply saying:

“[L]ove love love your script.”

It could be a script for anything. It could be that Matt’s rewatched Flatline. But it’s most likely that he’s talking about an episode for Series 10. Nonetheless, Lucas and Mathieson remain coy… so far.

If Mathieson has contributed a script, it would likely be episode 5, as confirmed writers for the first four are Steven Moffat, Frank Cottrell-Boyce (In the Forest of the Night), Sarah Dollard (Face the Raven), and Bartlett, whose story might be called The Haunted Hub.

With those four filmed and now in post-production, the cast are presumably doing readthroughs of further plots.

No one would be surprised if Mathieson were writing for Series 10: back in Series 8, his stories – Mummy on the Orient Express and Flatline – were immediately well-received, and last year’s The Girl Who Died generally garnered positive reviews.

Would you like to see Jamie Mathieson back again…?