Class: Brand New Images of the Twelfth Doctor

The Twelfth Doctor comes face to face with the mysterious Shadow Kin in an absolute bevvy of brand new images for Class.

After hinting at their presence in a double bill of trailers, we have our first glimpse of the new enemy, the so-called Shadow Kin, alongside Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord.

So what to make of the Shadow Kin? Well, they certainly look imposing –they’re very similar to the fiery Pyroville monsters from The Fires of Pompeii – but they don’t seem to be posing much of a threat to the Doctor as he apparently explains who and what he is to the gathered pupils.

Class - Ep1

Adding somewhat to the peril-o-meter, a separate image sees the Shadow Kin armed with a fiery stone sword.


A sword that at some point ends up in the hands of April (Sophie Hopkins).


Elsewhere, we get a glimpse of Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) and Charlie (Greg Austin) – the character who declared that he was from ‘another planet’ during the trailer –  inside what appears to be a sanctum containing a veritable horde of alien technology. Including a certain, very familiar blue box…

Oh, and it appears that Miss Quill is wearing a Coal Hill school uniform.


Then there’s a shot of a smartly dressed, blood smeared Ram (Fady Elsayed) clearly not having a good time as he comes face to face with the Shadow Kin at the prom which we know will feature in the first episode, For Tonight We Might Die, an episode that originally had the title The Prom.

Class - Ep1

Speaking of episodes, there’s also a glimpse of a mysterious tattooed man in a changing room, who, if the synopsis of episode 2, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, is to go by, he could very well be the same said coach! With a dragon tattoo!


Check out all of the images from Class below.

Class episodes 1 and 2 will be available on BBC3 online from Saturday 22nd October.