Big Finish’s Torchwood at 10 Behind the Scenes Video

Regardless of its current status, Torchwood celebrates its tenth anniversary this weekend and to get the party started early, Big Finish have released this video taking a look behind the scenes at a recording.

Talking to director Scott Handcock, actors John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Tom Price, and writers AK Benedict and Emma Reeves; the video is a little bit unsuitable for young viewers (if Torchwood was a living being it still won’t be old enough to watch its own show), or, to quote the video itself ‘in other words, it’s bloody Torchwood’.

Watch the cast and crew (and some fine geeky t-shirts and hats) look back at the first day of filming, the writers sharing what makes the show so special, and the ‘ardent army’ of fans and their er…unique artwork.

Also, Big Finish have teased a special Torchwood announcement coming tomorrow…

Big Finish’s Tenth Anniversary celebration The Torchwood Archive is still available for pre-release prices of £13.99 on CD (unlocking a free download on release) and £11.99 for download.