#FollowFriday: John Barrowman

It’s still Friday, don’t worry. Well, in some countries. And Friday is our weekly chance to point Twitter users in the general direction of other Twitter users. More specifically, the latter users are Doctor Who-related (otherwise, I could be advising you to follow some random folk because I like their profile photos or name).

As it’s Spin-Off Week here at the DWC, this week’s #FollowFriday is for Mr Spin-Off! Although you may know him as John Barrowman.

Barrowman quickly became a household name following his introduction to Doctor Who in the 2005 serial, The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances, playing – as if you didn’t know – Captain Jack Harkness. The character soon died. Then came back, courtesy of Rose Tyler. The Doctor then left him to care for himself, and judging from Torchwood, the results were varying. I mean, he got buried alive!

After a series of the spin-off show, Harkness returned to Doctor Who for a few episodes, then went back to Torchwood; since Miracle Day ended five years ago, he’s been a keen advocate for the show to make a comeback. While that’s not happened on screen, we’ve been treated to iterations in other mediums, notably for Big Finish and Titan Comics. His Twitter feed partly consists of publicising these great titles, including comics written by him and his sister, Carole…

barrowman-tweet-4 barrowman-tweet-3 barrowman-tweet-2 barrowman-tweet-1

He’s also doing a little show called Arrow.

barrowman-tweet-5 barrowman-tweet-6

And you get to see where his latest convention appearances are.

barrowman-tweet-8 barrowman-tweet-9 barrowman-tweet-10

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