What Did You Think of Class: The Coach With the Dragon Tattoo?

Imagine you work for OFSTED. Instead of grabbing a pencil, shaking your head whenever someone swears, and scribbling in a notepad, why not tell us your thoughts? Not just on anything, however. We want to know what you think of the second episode of Doctor Who spin-off, Class.

You’ve had around 72 hours to watch the double-bill that kick-started Class on BBC Three, and following For Tonight We Might Die, we’d like to hear your thoughts about The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo. Pretty gruesome, but not reaching Torchwood standards, right? Was that too much, or just enough?

Written by Patrick Ness (The Rest of Us Just Live Here) and directed by Ed Bazalgette (The Woman Who Lived), the story saw Ram (Fady Elsayed) struggling to deal with recent events and plainly refusing to join the gang. Was it as good as For Tonight We Might Die? Or better? Or worse? Vote in our poll, then expand on your thoughts in the comments section below!

Please note: this poll is purely for The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo; we’ve a separate poll for the first episode.

We’ll be summing up the reaction of DWC readers very soon, so stay tuned!