BBC Books to Release Facsimile Editions of Three Classic Novels

BBC Books have announced special facsimile editions of three classic Doctor Who stories.

The First Doctor adventures,  Doctor Who and the DaleksDoctor Who and the Zarbi, and Doctor Who and the Crusaders, will be release in these collectable hardback editions which mimic the design of the long-since out of print originals.

Doctor Who and the Daleks was first released in novel form in 1964 and was the first Doctor Who novel of any kind. The Target edition followed in 1973. Written by David Whittaker, the very first script editor for the main TV show, the novel is based on the 1963 TV series The Daleks by Terry Nation.


The second novel, Doctor Who and the Zarbi, is written by Bill Strutton and is based upon his only Doctor Who script, The Web Planet. The book finds the Doctor, Ian and Vikki on the planet Vortis where they are taken hostage by the Zarbi, huge ant-like creates with metallic bodies and pincer claws.


The third and final novel, Doctor Who and the Crusaders, was based on the 1965 television serial The Crusade and is the third and last of the original trilogy of Doctor Who novelisations published in the mid-1960s. Written again by David Whittaker, the tale takes the Doctor, Ian and Barbara to the harsh, cruel world of the twelfth century, where only the cleverest and strongest survive.


These three classic novels are available to pre-order now for release on November 3rd from Amazon for £9.98