#FollowFriday: Paul Cooke

You can’t fail to notice that it’s Friday. Look, it says so in the title of this article. That’s how this thing works. You’ll also notice that #FollowFriday is a regular thing at the DWC, and that it happens on Fridays. That’s also how this thing works.

As Hallowe’en is just around the corner, we thought we’d focus on the artist of the upcoming Lethbridge-Stewart short story, Eve of the Fomorians, free to anyone who pre-orders the next novel, Times Squared.

That artist is the wonderful Paul Cooke.

Paul was into art when he was younger, but, as many of us do, drifted away from the subject. Fortunately, his passion was rekindled when he found some of his older pieces in his loft. Fuelled by a love of Doctor Who, he now works on commissions, including the aforementioned cover for his favourite novel range.

Quite rightly, he’s a fan of Adrian Salmon, whose art frequently graces the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

But he’s quite the art connoisseur, not solely limited to Doctor Who!

Aside from photos of his dog, you also get to see Paul’s own work.

Follow Paul @paulpcooke.