Animated Power of the Daleks Coming to Cinemas… in Canada!

Good news: despite promotional material, which had made it appear as though the upcoming cinema screenings were exclusive to the United States, it now seems Canada will be getting its own shot at seeing the newly re-released The Power of the Daleks with a special theatrical release after all.

This isn’t the first time that Doctor Who special events have gone under the radar in the Great White North due to a suspiciously absent (and ultimately delayed) promotional effort. Far from it, in fact. Canadian fans may be surprised to learn that, yes, 2015’s Dark Water/ Death in Heaven 3D was actually screened in Canada. As has been done in the past, an exclusive theatrical run for Power of the Daleks was announced earlier this month for the US, only for Canada’s Cineplex to then quietly adopt the event on its website weeks later without an announcement.

Fortunately, we knew better than to assume the worst.

The release, Power of the Daleks (1966) stars Patrick Troughton in his first outing as the Doctor shortly after his first (and very disturbing) regeneration on-screen. The classic story, thought to be entirely lost to an unfortunate archive purge, has been fully animated for modern audiences. It features a scatterbrained Doctor and his companions facing Daleks on the planet Vulcan.

Although it does not appear as though tickets are available for the event in Canada yet, Cineplex has made it known on its website that the screenings will take place on 30th November. The story will also, of course, be available to purchase on the BBC Store starting on 5th November; for US fans, The Power of the Daleks will play in cinemas on 14th November and airs on BBC America, 19th November at 8:25pm ET.