BBC America Celebrates Power of the Daleks with Dalek Day

The brand-new animation of The Power of the Daleks is premiering on BBC America next weekend, and to celebrate the occasion, the channel’s having a special Dalek Day featuring stories from Doctors Four, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve!

Episode One of The Power of the Daleks – which introduced Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, as he, Ben (Michael Craze), and Polly (Anneke Wills) find themselves on a human colony on the planet Vulcan – screens at 8:25pm ET on Saturday 19th November, but viewers who tune in from 6am ET will be treated to a mix of Daleky goodness, including the Terry Nation-penned Genesis of the Daleks; the Series 4 finale, The Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End; and Matt Smith’s swansong, The Time of the Doctor. Here’s that full schedule:

6:00am ET: Genesis of the Daleks

9:00am ET: Doomsday

10:00am ET: Daleks in Manhattan

11:00am ET: Evolution of the Daleks

12:00 midday ET: The Stolen Earth

1:00pm ET:  Journey’s End

2:00pm ET: Victory of the Daleks

3:00pm ET: Asylum of the Daleks

4:00pm ET: Into the Dalek

5:00pm ET: The Magician’s Apprentice

6:00pm ET: The Witch’s Familiar

7:00pm ET: The Time of the Doctor

8:25pm ET: The Power of the Daleks – Episode One

Presumably, it’s just timings that’s stopped the channel screening Army of Ghosts before Doomsday

(As an aside, fans should watch out for Humans Series 1 Episode 8, which airs at 5am, before Genesis of the Daleks: as well as starring a number of Who alumni, including Colin Morgan, Gemma Chan, and Big Finish’s Ruth Bradley, the show is absolutely brilliant, so highly recommended!)

The Power of the Daleks Episode One is repeated on Sunday 20th November at 4:25am. If you want to see more of the serial, you’ll have to download it from the BBC Store or wait for the DVD!