Steven Moffat Says ‘No’ to Bringing Back the Tenth Doctor’s Clone

The Tenth Doctor’s clone, you know, the one forged during battle from the Doctors own severed hand during the events of The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End; well, he may have been a ‘shorthand’ for ‘and they lived happily ever after…’ when he left to start a new life with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) but that hasn’t stopped one fan from asking Steven Moffat if we’re likely to see him again.

In a letter submitted to the ‘Ask Steven Moffat’ section of Doctor Who Magazine #506, Moffat himself was asked directly if we were going to see the meta-crisis doctor who dwells in ‘Pete’s world’ return in a future episode?

And, well, the answer was a bit abrupt:



Elaborating further, Moffat explained:

“Because if we were going to bring David Tennant back to Doctor Who – and I’m not saying we are going to – then we would bring back David playing the real Doctor, and not a substitute Doctor.”

Seems fair enough, why have a substitute when you can have the real thing…unless your Rose Tyler of course…hmm…

Moffat also discusses the possible return of the Doctor’s daughter Jenny (Georgia Moffett), the role of the companion, and dealing with writer’s block.

Doctor Who Magazine #506 is available to buy now from all good newsagents.