Watch the Doctor Help Eddie Redmayne Find Children in Need’s Pudsey

It’s fair to say that the preview of The Return of Doctor Mysterio, the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas special, which aired during Children in Need garnered a mixed response. But that wasn’t the only time we saw the good Doctor during the charity appeal – and this second appearance certainly raised a smile.

Taking time out from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Eddie Redmayne seemed to audition for the role of the Doctor himself as he phoned around in a bid to find Pudsey the Bear, the eye-patch-wearing mascot of the fundraiser. You’ll see lots of surprise cameos from a range of celebrities, but the best definitely features a certain Time Lord…

I wonder what an American audience will make of it – do they know of Mel and Sue, for instance: two presenters catapulted into the big time because they front a show about baking? – but it went down well with British viewers. It’s been one of the top trending videos on YouTube today, actually! I didn’t even know that’s a thing.

You’ll have noticed folk such as Lord Alan Sugar (whose show, The Apprentice, frequently uses coincidental music from other series, including Doctor Who); Graham Norton (the popular interviewer who inadvertently upset Doctor Who fans in 2010 when a cartoon version of him appeared over the conclusion of The Time of Angels); and the wonderful Major Tim Peake, whose voyage to the International Space Station inspired the nation.

Children in Need 2016 has so far raised over £46 million, which is incredible, but if you’d like to help further, you can either text or donate online.