Grab a Bargain with AbbyShot’s Doctor Who Sale!

As you might’ve heard, this weekend has been pretty busy for retailers, egged on by Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, and if you’re looking for a bargain, AbbyShot’s sale includes numerous great Doctor Who products, and continues until 1st December!

You can get your hands on a range of fantastic jackets and accessories, all for knock-down prices. Here are just a few of the best deals for Who fans:

  • Eleventh Doctor Tweed Jacket: $49.99, down from $199.99;
  • Tenth Doctor Coat (Men’s and Women’s): $99.99, down from $299.99;
  • Eleventh Doctor’s Purple Jacket (Men’s and Women’s): $199.99, down from $399.99;
  • Eleventh Doctor’s Red Suspenders: $14.99, down from $26.99;
  • Captain Jack Harkness’ Jacket: $99.99, down from $279.99;
  • Lovarzi’s Fourth Doctor Scarf: $18.99, down from $56.99;
  • Lovarzi’s Seventh Doctor Jumper: $22.99, down from $56.99;
  • Fifth Doctor’s Celery Pin: $12.49, down from $24.99.

I can personally recommend AbbyShot’s items, having bought the Eleventh Doctor’s Tweed and Purple Jackets (plus a few accessories, like the 50th anniversary bow tie) – I just need the green Series 6 one, then I’ll have the trinity! They’re beautiful, and screen-accurate, so I don’t feel like a complete loony when reciting the “hello Stonehenge” or Rings of Akhaten speeches to myself in a darkened room. Nope, completely sensible.

If you’d like to take a look at the other deals from AbbyShot, head over to their site – but remember, the offers end on 1st December 2016!

And in related news, don’t forget to enter Lovarzi’s Power of the Daleks competition to win a Grey Dalek Scarf!