Night Study: Here’s What You Thought of The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo

Alright students, take your seats. Tonight’s class is about what we all thought of The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, again written by Patrick Ness and directed by Ed Bazalgette. And before you ask, no we can’t have class outside today. It’s Winter. Get a grip.

So, what was the poll like this week?

So brilliant, I lost my Head 17.02%  (8 votes)

Better than playing football 51.06%  (24 votes)

Flatlining already 21.28%  (10 votes)

Like being skinned alive… but I’ll give it another chance 10.64%  (5 votes)

Without the Doctor, what’s the point?! 0%  (0 votes)

Total Votes: 47

Give or take the same overall results as the first episode. My response is the same too, overall I liked it, but it was still flawed. I think that’s gonna be a frequent response to this show.

I wonder if Patrick Ness has read Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, cause there’s a few similarities between that and the basic idea of the episode. That’s definitely not a bad thing, as I found the story of Tom Dawson pretty compelling. (Coach Dawson, if I’m correct, is also the first bare butt to be seen in the whoniverse since 2005’s Bad Wolf? Can’t wait to see that fact in Doctor Who trivia books of the future.)


Again, my problems with this episode are predominantly examples of it being rough around the edges. That masturbation joke doesn’t hit at all, the pacing’s still a bit messy, and regardless of our main cast of characters understanding who Mrs Quill is, the other students would definitely complain if they saw their teacher lose her cool and try to assault an inspector with a stapler. Or maybe that’s commonplace in England. Also Patrick comparing Ram’s struggle to the dragons seemed like it wanted to be more clever than it actually was.

That being said, there was plenty I really enjoyed about this episode. For some reason I never expected them to make a big deal about Rachel’s death, but of course they did. I didn’t give the show enough credit that it would deal with the trauma of seeing your partner brutally die before you. Right until the very end the show kept catching me off guard (Mr. Armitage we hardly knew ye), I was pleasantly surprised when Ram revealed his prosthetic leg to his father. Speaking of that leg, that opening sequence around Ram’s leg was a beautifully shot sequence by Ed Bazalgette, it might be my favourite thing he’s done in the director’s chair so far.

So, what did you all think of this episode?

Coach Comment 1

Coach Comment 2

Coach Comment 3

Alright class, we’re done for today. Hit the showers.

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