Matt Lucas Talks About Being the Doctor’s ‘Valet’ in Series 10

We’ve known for a while now that Nardole, as played by Matt Lucas, would be sticking around longer than his guest star appearance in last year’s festive frolic, The Husbands of River Song, but, up till now, we’ve been in the dark about just how he fits in with the established Doctor/Companion relationship.

Well, thanks to last night’s screening of The Return of Doctor Mysterio, where Steven Moffat, Matt Lucas, Peter Capaldi and Charity Wakefield answered questions on the Christmas superhero mash-up and the upcoming new series, we now have a better idea of the who, what, where and indeed, why of Nardole.


Speaking about the Doctor and Nardole’s burgeoning dynamic, Lucas said to Capaldi that ‘You’re stuck with me for a little bit’ and that his character was more of a ‘valet’ than the traditional companion.

He added:

“You learn a little bit more about me and I’m a bit of a thorn in [the Doctor’s] side. I have a job to do, but I think [the Doctor will] regret giving me that job.”

But, hold on a sec, isn’t there another person to add to this dynamic – namely Bill Potts herself, Pearl Mackie? It seems that, while she isn’t someone versed on the ins and outs of the Doctor Who universe, as Friend from the Future showed, she is more of a tradition companion.

Peter Capaldi said the she brings something ‘novel’ as she is the only human between two alien characters.

Lucas added:

“She grounds us. There’s something very contemporary about that character I think, and her performance.”

We will have to wait until April to see just how the Doctor/valet/human relationship pans out…

Doctor Who returns to our screens with The Return of Doctor Mysterio on Christmas Day at 17:45 on BBC One.