Peter Capaldi Admits He Was Going ‘Stir Crazy’ Waiting For Doctor Who To Return

If you thought the seemingly never-ending wait for more Doctor Who was bad enough for you, spare a thought for poor old Peter Capaldi and his busted knee.

While we’ve been whiling away the hours doing shopping or texting or whatever it is us humans do when we’re not distracted by the antic of the Doctor, the man himself has admitted he’s been going ‘stir crazy’ waiting during the hiatus between shooting the last run of episodes and the upcoming series 10.

Speaking to the press (which included Digital Spy) gathered at the screening of the Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, Capaldi said:

“We had a much larger gap, which was strange. We were supposed to come back much earlier and I don’t know why but for whatever reason it got bigger and bigger.”

Ah, the internal struggle between man and BBC, when will it end? Still at least Capaldi had something to distract him from that pain…more pain! Namely, his poor knee which, he said ‘I ripped it chasing Zygons!’ meaning he had to have an operation once Doctor Who series nine had completed filming.

This meant he was laid out for over a month and had to use a cane for a period after, which limited his ability to work on other projects.

He said:

“My knee basically meant I couldn’t work. I couldn’t do a play or anything like that, so I was going stir crazy and the gap kept opening up. I was dying to get back again.”

Thankfully, the wait is over. Doctor Who returns this Christmas Day with The Return of Doctor Mysterio at 17:45 on BBC One.