Peter Capaldi: “The Return of Doctor Mysterio is a Real Christmas Treat.”

The wait is almost over: The Return of Doctor Mysterio, the Christmas special of Doctor Who, is just around the corner, meaning Peter Capaldi (aka. the Twelfth Doctor) and co. are doing the rounds in order to generate as much buzz as possible.

As if Doctor Who fans weren’t excited enough. This is, after all, the only episode in 2016.

But what can we look forward to on Christmas Day? Peter says:

“I think with the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year, audiences can look forward to a real Christmas treat. It’s nostalgic in the sense that it’s going to be a superhero story from the days when superheroes were ironic and witty and clever. It’s also set in New York and we have a fabulous American cast and some spectacular flying scenes – you’ll believe a man can fly. And we have the Doctor and Nardole and returning nasty monsters. Villains, good guys, bad guys, bit of snow, some children, and maybe a hint of Santa Claus. Be there, watch it, and have a wonderful Christmas!”

Yep, Matt Lucas is back as Nardole, last seen – sans body – in last year’s The Husbands of River Song, and he’s already given us a brief whirlwind tour behind-the-scenes.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio is written by showrunner, Steven Moffat, his penultimate festive special, and Capaldi adds:

“When I first read the script, I thought, ‘this is wonderful’ because it captures the delightful, light comedy touch that existed in the early Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. Superheroes nowadays tend to be a grim lot, but in those days, there was optimism and a deliberate naivety that the character of Superman had which was very attractive. But also the way the scripts were written back then reminded me of Spencer Tracy or Katherine Hepburn kind of scripts – they were very witty, very knockabout, very American. This script is like that so I was very happy to read it and to go with this whole idea of the Doctor observing a superhero; it’s great fun. Doctor Who is an extraordinary programme: it allows you the opportunity to almost have a different kind of genre every week not just a different kind of plot so this is very much a light-hearted superhero romp.”

Ah yes, the superhero. That’s The Ghost to you and me, played by Justin Chatwin (American Gothic). Peter goes on:

“Justin as The Ghost is amazing because he’s able to do both of those parts – The Ghost and the mild-mannered Grant – and he’s got two different voices that he uses for them. I think comic lightness is a greatly undervalued thing – to be as funny as he is and light, but with accurate delivery. He has great charm, a movie star quality which is lovely. The Ghost is a slightly flawed superhero and he’s spot on with all of that. He’s been great to have around.”

Directed by Ed Bazalgette (The Girl Who Died), The Return of Doctor Mysterio airs on Christmas Day on BBC1 at 5:45pm.