Charity Wakefield: “Playing Lucy in Doctor Who Was a Very Early Christmas Gift!”

Cards on the table: I’m looking forward to seeing Charity Wakefield as Lucy Fletcher, an investigative journalist, in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Aside from looking like solid companion material, Wakefield’s a fan of the show, and calls the role in the hour-long episode “a gift.”

She’s also got a convincing American accent, which is always a bonus – especially for this series…

She teases:

“In this Christmas Special, you’re going to see New York City, you’re going to see aliens, you’re going to see superheroes, and you’re going to see love, romance, rejection, fear, trepidation, excitement, the Doctor, Nardole, and me.”

Sounds pretty darn great, eh? Naturally, Peter Capaldi plays the Twelfth Doctor, and Matt Lucas returns as Nardole. Speaking of playing Lucy, she says:

“I play Lucy Fletcher, who, in her own way, is living a little bit of a double life in that she’s a very successful working mother, she’s a journalist, and she’s also been left by her husband so she’s in a difficult position with a very young child. But she’s quite an interesting character in that she’s got lots of different facets – I think a little light turns on when she’s at work and she’s quite hard-nosed and that’s fun to play. In this episode, she’s the eye for the audience in a way because even though she feels like she’s in control at the beginning she’s the one that’s the least in the know about what these other worlds and superpowers are. She’s discovering everything as the audience are discovering it so I felt it was my job to really be in the moment with that which is such a fun thing to do when the things that are happening are so extraordinary.”

It’s lovely to hear how enthusiastic she is, and Charity goes on:

“This role felt like a very early Christmas gift to me because it’s one of those amazing opportunities you get as an actor where you’re just offered something seemingly out of the blue (or out of outer space, in fact, with this job). I read the script and just absolutely jumped at the chance – it was so fun, so full of energy and vitality, and a great opportunity to play a character in Doctor Who that isn’t completely concealed by an alien outfit. It’s really fun to play an American.”

The story is written by showrunner, Steven Moffat, so what did she make of the script?

“When I first read the script, I was really surprised that there was such a huge superhero theme. Firstly, I didn’t even think you could do that on other TV shows – that you could connect yourself to those amazing huge films that have already been so popular that have their own world so that was really exciting. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do that, and do it in a way that is really different in the world of Doctor Who. It was fascinating to read how Steven was bringing those two worlds together. It’s just so charming – the storyline of Grant [played by Justin Chatwin] and seeing him grow up and seeing the Doctor’s relationship with him – that’s one of the things that’s so special about Doctor Who; the way that he’s able to jump back and forth in time and has these different strands and different relationships with people and watching them grow and coming back to them later in life… It’s really lovely to see that as a character. It’s so exciting!”

The Return of Doctor Mysterio airs on Christmas Day on BBC1 at 5:45pm.