Peter Capaldi Teases Series 10 Monsters

We’ve not had Christmas yet but Peter Capaldi is already unwrapping a few teasing glimpses at how Series 10 will unfold.

Speaking to The Guardian, Capaldi let slip that his third series aboard the TARDIS would see the Doctor, Bill and Nardole come face to face with some intriguing new foes.

On the new series, he said:

“It’s got the Doctor in it. And the TARDIS flying through time and space. It’s got corridors, which we run down, with nasty surprises at the end of them. We’ve got all kinds of things: we’ve got Romans, we’ve got robots, we’ve got serpents.”

Perhaps all three are in the same episode? The Robo-serpents of the Colosseum! This thing writes itself.


Reflecting on how his approach to the Doctor has changed over his three years, Capaldi stressed that it’s sometimes too easy to slip into the same habits; something that he argue, the show should always fit against.

He said:

“The danger of Doctor Who is that it becomes bland, that the character has to tick boxes, so I try to keep dragging him away from those boxes. The thing is he changes all the time. I think there was a definite move last season to sort of brighten him up. We had to, I think, to break from Matt Smith, who is wonderful and I love, we had to make the Doctor a little more difficult to grasp. Make him not as audience-friendly, as it were. Which, you know, I’m pretty good at.

But it’s more complicated than that. He has to balance all of those things. You have to be able to play to the 7 year old watching, and to the 42 year old. So sometimes you have to be more comic perhaps than you normally would be comfortable with. But it’s important, because really it’s a children’s show that developed into something more complex, a bit more adult-orientated, but we have a duty to entertain the children to whom it was aimed in the first place.”


Turning towards this year’s Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, which sees the Doctor join forces with a mysterious superhero called The Ghost, Capaldi also revelled what the Doctor would make of other superheroes – with some less than kind words to say about Marvel’s own doctor, Doctor Strange.

“He’d be a bit uptight about Doctor Strange. I think he’d be a little bit like: “Bitch stole my look.” I think he would like Wonder Woman, because Linda Carter is so funny. And I think he’d like Adam West’s Batman. He’d find Adam West great company.”

You can read more about what Capaldi thinks of superhero movies, how he gets into the Christmas spirit when filming at a decidedly non-festive time of year and his thoughts on working with Matt Lucas over at The Guardian.

Doctor Who will be back on our screens with The Return of Doctor Mysterio which airs Christmas Day on BBC One at 17:45.