Out Now: Titan Comics’ Tenth Doctor Year Two Finale

Behold! An ancient foe has risen and where he treads he leaves nothing but dust and darkness (and he finds that good apparently). Abase yourselves you grovelling insects, it’s the spectacular finale of year two for Titan Comics’ Tenth Doctor adventures!

The impossible has occurred, and an ancient foe, long since defeated, has returned again to plague the Doctor, the universe, and to threaten all of reality! Has Anubis fallen to the ways of his father, Sutekh… or has Sutekh found a way to transcend death? Whoever survives will head into Year Three forever changed!

Written by Nick Abadzis with art by Giogia Sposito the release comes with five variant covers by Wellington Diaz, Will Brooks, Matt Baxter, Claudia Ianniciello, and Nick Abadzis himself.

Titan Comics Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor #2.17 is available now from Forbidden Planet for £2.65 and digitally via Comixology for £2.49.